Merlin's Stronghold

Faerie Crossed Book 2

Just when Avery Flynn thinks she’s gaining some control over her magic, the Border between Faerie and the human world collapses in a catastrophic explosion. With waves of wild magic laying waste to Fae and human territories, the blame falls on Avery and her fiery temper.
Clearing her name will mean staying ahead of the grim Wild Huntsman on her trail, and convincing Merlin, the original embodiment of wild magic, to help before the devastation becomes permanent.
But as allies and enemies alike try to force their own agendas on her, trust does not come easily to Avery. She’ll need to set aside her doubts and accept that she can’t do this alone—before it’s too late for both worlds.

Paperback:  978-0-9987214-4-6
Ebook:  978-0-9987214-5-3
Audiobook:  978-0-09987214-6-0 

"This fast-paced and smooth-flowing story will have readers holding onto the edge of their seats throughout, with lots of thrilling suspense, wicked magic and witty dialogue. The characters are strong and compelling, with the heroine having a fun, snarky attitude that will delight readers and make them chuckle."--E.L Hurley, InD'tale Magazine

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